DIAL'NICA DESAT (by Pau Saiz Soler)

Dial’nica Desat is a film depicting the memories of a never visited place, on the thin border between memory and fantasy.
Dial'nica Desat est un film évoquant la frontière entre le souvenir et le fantasme d'un lieu jamais visité.

The leitmotif of the film being memories of a never visited place, it is balancing on the thin line between memory and fantasy. Places existing only in our memories are not necessarily mere fantasies. Images of never visited places can indeed be based on memories. Distinguishing a fantastic image of real place from a fantasy of an imaginary place is almost impossible.


The film is exploring the processes through which our minds are actively generating new memories instead of only storing them. By following the creation of a memory of never visited place we discover how such “fictional” memories are inscribed into our realities and how the two interlock. In this way the film raises questions about our perception of reality and the way create our own realities, which is an important issue on a larger socio-political scale.


The film is a collage of images planned before the first visit in Palm Springs and filmed afterwards in the city. Being able to recall specific images of a never visited city and then really being able to shoot them at the location establishes an equivalence between reality and “fictional” memories created without a personal experience with the object of the memory. The superposition of the “recalled” images of real places creates fantastic landscapes. These are the perfect embodiment of memories, the “fictional” as well as the “genuine” ones.

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