2019 - ​​​​​​​Le chant des roches  is a publication highlighting the research of a geologist who discovered that rocks manifest emotions during earthquakes.

This publication presents the research of Maurice Baudor, a French geologist who developed a theory in the 2000s according to which rocks express emotions during earthquakes. After his sudden death, his work was never completed. Samy wanted to reclaim his research through a detective-like investigation, collecting testimony and evidence in order to retrace the evolution of this scientist’s work.


However, this research is pure fiction. Samy invents it with the aim of making it credible. To do this, he had to play two roles. Firstly, he puts himself in a fictional character’s shoes, the scientist doing extensive research to validate his theory. Then, Samy adopts a designer’s posture again, restoring this research and creating a visual universe. He fabricates fake archives, he solicits a person of his protagonist’s age to hand-write the notebook. He also uses old software from the 2000s and a printer from the same period. Finally, he introduces grey areas, doubts and deliberate errors of judgment into the story to distinguish himself from the so-called scientist. 
It was necessary to conceal the fictional aspect in order to provoke reflections on this discovery, and to question our beliefs. The important thing is not to know whether the story presented is true or false, but rather to ask ourselves; if such a discovery appeared, how would we receive it?
Through this project, Samy anticipates and questions our reactions to surprising discoveries in the future, which, this time round, will be very real. 

His approach is based on Schopenhauer’s quote that testifies to the difficulty in changing our perspective; "Every truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is strongly opposed. Then, it is considered to have always been self-evident."