Duometer Studio is a collaboration between two designers to produce projects based on film. We aim to converge our different skills in design such as video editing, graphic design, or industrial design, to set up a practice capable of approaching the film project from a holistic perspective. Acknowledging that film can be highly influenced by the conditions in which its displayed to the public, we take a multidisciplinary approach to design films where every element becomes part of the process. This means to work on global audio-visual experience involving the space, the sonore installation or even the popcorn.
Film made by designers defends films as a political medium for a designer artistic expression and social protest. Film by Designers is not a new practice, but it has recently gained relevance as a medium of representation thanks to the progress of filming technology, its increasing accessibility, together with the theories of speculative design that promoted the video making as a tool to present alternative and complex scenarios. We strongly believe that films can and should be a way to raise new questions. A film is a powerful medium to communicate concepts that can reach anyone, anywhere. Duometer studio is our attempt to get engaged in a society surrounded by the digital and overwhelmed by information.
Version française en cours d'écriture
Pau’s thought
In a more and more digitalized world, we tend to dive into the screen while leaving our body motionless, seated, for hours, and even if we forget about our body, we are still using it as a sort of structure to sustain our heads. There is the opportunity to design audiovisual spaces for where to welcome the body into a more engaged experience.
Samy’s thought
Each species has its own vision limited by its physiological boundaries which predetermine their own senses. For instance, the human can only see the world in color, with the time flowing inevitably forward at the same speed. It is impossible for us to experiment the vision of different species like bat, eagle or bee. Yet, the technological advances of the latest century allow us to partially get out of it by looking the world through the eye’s of someone else, a mechanical eye, the camera. The camera opens us up to new potential by pushing back the limits of the visible through the manipulation of many notion. The time, by allowing us to slow it down, speed it up or reverse it. The scale, by perceiving a much larger world, from the microscopic to the gigantic. The visible spectrum, by using specific camera to see X-Ray, infrared, heat, etc...