2019 - ​​​​​​​The Last Resort is a film about Salton Sea Lake, an ancient paradisiacal oasis that has become a toxic zone responsible for one of the biggest ecological disasters in California.
Historical context
This art documentary shot in California highlights the Salton Sea Lake, which was formed a century ago following the rupture of a hydraulic barrage. This heavenly place in the middle of the desert attracted Californian tourists and Hollywood celebrities, all coming to enjoy this “blue gold.”
Unfortunately, from the 1970s onward, the lake began to dry out irreversibly, causing one of the biggest ecological disasters in the region. The toxic vapors released from intensive agriculture, and the increase in salt concentration, killed millions of fish, threatening the extinction of the region’s migratory birds.

Samy casts a nostalgic light on this desolate place by filming its few remaining traces of beauty. He chooses to show the sublime, still present in this toxic area of burnt palm trees, abandoned houses, and beaches littered with fish bones  like sand. Subtle clues slowly reveal a strange atmosphere that will be intensified throughout the film, offering at the end a new reading that switches abruptly from beauty to seriousness.


Due to time limitations and the toxicity of the location, the shooting could only be conducted over five days, requiring adaptations in the production process. Samy then decided to film as many elements as possible during this short period without thinking about the final result in order to recover as much data as possible. He then sorted the retrieved elements, retaining the most interesting, and assembling them like a puzzle to make up a coherent story.