ZNAMYA (by Pau Saiz Soler)

Znamya is a film about a russian satellite reflecting the light of the sun to illuminate the earth at night.
Znamya est un film sur les satellites russes réfléchissant la lumière du soleil pour éclairer la terre de nuit

The following work studies the case of Znamya, a Russian satellite launched in 1993, designed to reflect the light of the sun to illuminate the earth at night. Conceived as part of the Soviet space program, Znamya’s original plan projected a fleet of satellites that would allow for total control of the lighting of territory, 24 hours a day. Originally the idea was to provide extra hours of light for agriculture or illuminate cities. I analyze how Znamya became a totalitarian technology for the control of public light: Its spotlight centralized the source of light to restrict its control to the administration. The light of the sun became an expressive medium to hijack the night and send a propagandistic message. Here described as ideological terraforming, the light of Znamya changed the weather to reinforce Soviet and Russian nationalism.


The film, makes a parallelism with the ultimate impossibility of knowing if the satellite existed or if everything was a massacred to impress the other countries, despite all the documentation found, I am still not in the position to confirm the existence of Znamya. This uncertainty has been part of my work since the beginning, and I adopted it as part of my process. My choice was to accept the doubt as a methodology of work by itself and to use it to develop the movie.


Due to time limitations and the toxicity of the location, the shooting could only be conducted over five days, requiring adaptations in the production process. Samy then decided to film as many elements as possible during this short period without thinking about the final result in order to recover as much data as possible. He then sorted the retrieved elements, retaining the most interesting, and assembling them like a puzzle to make up a coherent story.
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